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Discover your own Scotland

Bespoke, personal and private tours of Scotland


Discover your own Scotland

The freedom to explore Scotland your way


Discover your own Scotland

Go where you want to go, see what you want to see


Discover your own Scotland

The relaxed and stress-free way to see Scotland

Your Tour Scotland

Bespoke, Personal and Private Tours of Scotland

Blue-divider - Private, personal and bespoke tours of Scotland

Let us help you create your tour and discover your own Scotland

Do you want to visit the land where your ancestors lived and worked? Do you wish to visit some of the best distilleries in Scotland? Want to tour the famous golf courses of Scotland or just go for a relaxing trip through the beautiful Highlands of Scotland? Your Tour Scotland will help you create your own bespoke, personal and private tour of Scotland.

Your unique and personal tour of Scotland begins with us. Our qualified, knowledgeable and friendly guides will take you to the locations of your choice in comfort, free from stress and other people’s schedules.

Create your own Tour of Scotland with us


See what you want to see at your own pace

Need a little help from us to create the ultimate Scotland tour? Through our qualified, knowledgeable and experienced guides we can help you discover the best places to visit to suit your needs. Have a look at our tour suggestions and together we can create the perfect itinerary for your tour.


Discover your roots and ancestral past as we take you on a tour of where your family lived and worked.


Do you love the ‘water of life’ and want to visit the place your favourite dram is made? Why not include a visit to one or more of  Scotland’s many whisky distilleries on your tour.


Do you want to play the oldest and most famous courses in the world? Scotland has them all. Why not stretch your legs for a few hours playing on the same turf as your favourite golfing legends?


Visit some of the most famous castles in Scotland. Walk the battlefields where clansmen fought to save a nation or experience prehistoric sites 5000 years old.


Our experienced guides will suggest the best beauty spots to visit and the most scenic routes through Scotland for your tour.



Take a tour of some of the best tourist attractions that Scotland has to offer. From the Kelpies to Deep Sea World we will find something to suit the whole family.


Film locations

Visit the stunning locations where iconic films/TV series like Braveheart, Highlander, James Bond, Harry Potter and Outlander were filmed.


Food & Dining

Its not all Fish and Chips in Scotland. While out on your tour, why not dine out at some of our finest and remote restaurants.


Ready to create your Scottish private tour of a lifetime?

Customer reviews


What people have said about us

In February 2016 I did a tour of the Scottish Highlands with Don as the guide. The tour was sensational from start to finish. We were really immersed in the sights and sounds of Scotland from the get go. As we travelled along we saw a bounty of beautiful scenery, castles and historically significant sights. Don radiated an unbridled enthusiasm throughout, a natural raconteur, overflowing with anecdotes that ranged from informative to outright ludicrous. We saw, we sang and we had an absolute blast. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Mischa | Digital Marketeer | South Africa

Don McGrattan is a fantastic tour guide! I thoroughly enjoyed my trip through Scotland with Don. Don knows his stuff and makes the trip interesting as well as super fun. I highly recommend touring with Don.

Jade Hill | Brisbane | Australia 

Travelling is more than the places you go, you're hoping to discover new worlds and you made Scotland feel like the most interesting, funny and loved place anyone could hope to visit. I'll never forget it!

Katie Wesvott | Melbourne | Australia

From the second Don stepped onto our tour bus I knew our 5 day tour of the Scottish Highlands was going to be a hilarious and exciting trip. Don is an approachable and insanely knowledgeable guide with a great taste in music and relaxed style of touring. He knows so much about the land and it's history and the whole journey left me with a great love for Scotland. He knows secret places that other tours don't venture to and has the best knack for story telling. I highly recommend his tours - I cannot return soon enough!

Louise | Software Developer | South Africa

If anyone's interested in visiting Scotland, you couldn't do better than to choose Don McGrattan as your tour guide! He's an amazing wealth of knowledge, and incredible sense of fun!

Dominic Graham | London | England

In February 2016 I did a tour of the Scottish Highlands with Don as the tour guide. What an experience it was! 5 days of discovering the beautiful highlands which would not have been as enjoyable without Don as the guide. Don is a very knowledgeable and funny guide. His passion for his job and for Scotland is so evident with the way he tells you a story or gives you the history of somewhere you visit. He was organised and always ensured we were all enjoying ourselves and accommodated as much as possible to our needs in what we wanted to see and experience in the highlands. You will not be disappointed with Don and when you finish your tour you will have such a love and passion for Scotland because of him. I can't wait to go back!

Nicole | Registered Nurse | Australia

I travelled with Don back in February 2016. I had the time of my life exploring the amazingly vast country side of the Scottish highlands. Don was an incredibly knowledgeable guide who was fun, enthusiastic, and most importantly passionate about sharing his experiences with us! It was so nice to be able to have a guide who truly loved his job and nothing was too much of a hassle for him, even to stop and play in the snow on the side of the road for a few minutes! My whole experience of travelling Scotland was made so much easier and more enjoyable with the help of Don, I can't wait to go back!

Clare Edlund | Aussie living in the UK 

My friend and I (we are French and German) joined a tour to the Orkneys in 2014. Don was our tour guide and really made the trip unforgettable. We were a small group, mixed people from all over the world, and stayed in nice little hostels for the night. Don knew where to take us for the best photo shots and was happy to share his knowledge about Scottish history during the time on the bus. He also took his time for a chat and was honestly interested in his passengers. I remember talking to him about the Scottish referendum, it was great to get to know Scotland a bit better by getting in touch with the locals. I had been to Scotland before but it was my first time being that far North. I loved the Orkneys with the stunning landscape and the ancient history. My personal highligh was when Don made an extra route to stop at Glenfinnan Monument in the Highlands on the way back to Edinburgh, so I got the chance to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct (known as 'Harry Potter Bridge'). We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest and we will definitely return to Scotland again. To say it in Edinburgh slang: It was barry! (Imke Oppermann, 26-year-old university student from Germany)

Imke Honig | Lüneburg | Germany

My time in Scotland wouldn't have been as entertaining and educational if it wasn't for you Don. You are Scotland! Your love for your country is infectious and you have the ability to make people want to learn and know more about it! You made sure no 2 days were the same and made feel everyone feel welcome! 11/10.

Rowie Salmon | Australia

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